Great Lakes Institute of Technology is dedicated to creating a student-centered environment by empowering individuals with the knowledge, practical skills, and experience necessary to reach career and life goals. The school is committed to providing quality education and training standards through a program of continuous assessment and improvement.


Great Lakes Institute of Technology was initially established in 1965 as J.H. Thompson Academies and was the first private academy for career training in Erie. On April 1, 1996, 21st Century Career Developing Academies, Inc., became the controlling owner. In September 1998, in recognition of the regional service area of the institution, the name of the school was changed to Great Lakes Institute of Technology. In March 2018, the school was purchased by Renovus Capital Partners who currently maintain 100% ownership of the school. Currently, Great Lakes offers career programs to the residents of the Great Lakes area. Programs are offered in the business of allied health, dental, surgical, ultrasound, veterinary, cosmetology, and massage fields. From the opening of the first institution in 1965 until the present, Great Lakes Institute of Technology has been dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals through career education.

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of Great Lakes Institute of Technology, through years of training and/or experience, are well qualified to serve our students in a professional manner. All instructors are required to have a minimum number of years working in their field before they are eligible to teach at the school. Faculty members are certified or licensed, where required by law.

In addition, all faculty participate in an ongoing professional development program, which includes training in teaching skill development, professional development, and continuing education in their field. All faculty are required to regularly demonstrate a command of theory and practice and contemporary knowledge. Updated information of all faculty and staff can be found in the student handbook.

Assessment and Improvement

Great Lakes Institute of Technology maintains an ongoing institutional assessment and improvement program that ensures the quality of education provided. The school uses information obtained internally as well as externally to validate and improve the schools academic programs, administrative practices, and facilities. The improvement process is ongoing to ensure that the school is up to date and relevant to the various communities of interest.

Great Lakes Institute of Technology has developed Program Advisory Committees comprised of qualified individuals representing employers related to programs offered. The Committees are dedicated to advising the school’s administrators of current innovations and making recommendations relative to curriculum, program length, learning resources, facilities and equipment, and student outcomes. Each committee meets semi-annually to discuss program improvement as a means of ongoing institutional assessment.

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