Admissions Advisors

Heather Saysn - Director of Admissions

Heather Smith

Director of Admissions

Greg Mauz - Admissions Representative

Greg Mauz

Admissions Advisor

Laura Proctor - Admissions Representative

Devin Booher

Admissions Advisor

Heather Saysn - Director of Admissions

Kate Kalista

Admissions Advisor

Greg Mauz - Admissions Representative

Carla Lovich

Admissions Advisor

Admissions Process

1. Request More Information

The first step in the enrollment process is to either call us at 814-864-6666 or request more information online. From there one of our dedicated Admissions Representatives will contact you to answer some questions and to schedule your personalized tour of the school.

2. Tour and Meet with Admissions

Next students must complete a tour of our campus. Students will learn more in-depth information about their academic programs of choice and get a sense of what life is like at Great Lakes Institute of Technology.

3. Apply to Your Program of Choice

Once touring the school and having all your questions answered, students then apply to the program of their choice. Each program has specific admissions requirements that must be met prior to enrolling.

4. Meet With Financial Aid

After applying, you will meet with a Financial Aid advisor. They will guide you through the process of completing your FAFSA and making you aware of all the state and federal financial aid programs available to you to help finance your education.

5. Attend Orientation and Begin School!

Once you have completed all admissions requirements and have your financial plan in order, all that’s left is to attend our mandatory orientation.  Here you will set up your student portal account, meet your classmates, and review any other program-related information. Congratulations and welcome to Great Lakes!