The following admissions requirements must be met in order for a student to be accepted to Great Lakes. No student will be permitted to attend classes until documentation of all admissions requirements are received and the applicant has toured the campus.

Most academic programs must meet general admissions requirements, while certain programs have additional requirements that must be met prior to entry.

General Admissions Requirements

  1. Valid high school transcript, GED, or diploma as proof of high school completion.
  2. Minimum score on the Wonderlic SLE Test.
    1. Minimum score for Cosmetology Operator, Cosmetology Teacher, Nail Technician, and Esthetician is 13.
    2. Minimum score for Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is 19, Surgical Technologist is 17.
    3. All other programs are 15.
    4. Each student will have three attempts to successfully pass the Wonderlic SLE Test. Students may take their second test with no waiting period, while their third attempt requires a 24-hour waiting period.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Ultrasound) Program Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general Admissions Requirements above, the following requirements apply to applicants to the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program:

  1. Score a minimum of 50% on both the Science and Math sections of the TEAS exam
  2. Fulfill financial aid requirements.

A maximum of 22 students will be permitted to begin the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program each start date. Students will be selected based on the combined scores of their Math and Science sections of the TEAS exam. In cases of equivalence, the student’s overall TEAS score will be considered.