Credit for Previous Learning

Applicants requesting credit for previous learning must forward an official transcript to Great Lakes Institute of Technology for consideration. The Director of Education will review the transcript for comparable courses and may grant credit for previous learning from an accredited institution if the school deems that the course objectives are comparable and completed within a timeframe so as to permit the student to be successful in his or her studies at Great Lakes. Typically, credits earned within the last 10 years will be considered. If awarded, the student will be advanced to the appropriate level and a tuition credit will occur. Students requesting credit for any hands-on or practical course may be required to take a competency exam in order to receive credit. Requests for credit for previous learning must be made prior to beginning a course, and no credit will be given after the first day of class. Only courses with an earned grade of a C or better will be considered. The school has the right to deny or limit the number of the credits/hours accepted.

Transfer credits/hours are not computed in or used to determine grade point average. Credits transferred in to the program are counted as attempted and earned credits for purposes of calculating satisfactory academic progress.

In the cosmetology programs, hours of previous training documented and approved by the Pennsylvania Cosmetology Licensing Board may be recognized. TONI&GUY will only accept up to 420 clock hours completed from an organization that is not an approved TONI&GUY academy. A student transferring from another cosmetology school must provide:

  1. An official transcript from the original school listing the hours earned by the student.
  2. In the case of a student transferring hours from an out-of-state school, verification from the appropriate licensing authority that the other school is licensed in that state.

Transfer of Credit

The question of transfer of credit to other institutions cannot be guaranteed. Any coursework completed at Great Lakes may or may not be accepted by other institutions for various reasons, including differences between the school’s accrediting agencies and the accrediting agencies of other institutions.

Therefore, prior to enrolling at Great Lakes, students planning on continuing their education at another institution after leaving Great Lakes should make contact with that institution to determine if any credits earned or clock hours completed by the student at Great Lakes will be accepted at that institution.

By attending Great Lakes, the student accepts the risk that some or all of the credits and hours earned/completed at the school may not be accepted by any other institution to which the student may later transfer.