Career Services and Job Placement Assistance. For Life.

Great Lakes offers job-readiness training and job placement assistance to all students and graduates for as long as the school is in operation.

Students receive training in

  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Resume Preparation and Building

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Mock Interviews with Real Employers

  • Professional Development and Coaching

Often employers contact us directly when seeking to add a member to their team, which means our graduates have the inside track on employment opportunities. Current job openings by area employers and beyond are available by contacting the Career Services Department or the program director in each department for both current students and graduates.

The school can also assist current students seeking part-time employment while attending school.

Great Lakes provides job placement assistance to graduates in his or her career search. However, no guarantee of job placement is made or implied. The school does not, and cannot, guarantee employment upon completion of the program. Graduates may need to look outside the local area in order to find successful employment in the field.

Carl Rozenek
Carl RozenekDirector of Career Services

Recent Graduate Placements

Employers Hiring Our Grads

When your company needs a trained employee in one of the fields we teach, Great Lakes Institute of Technology will assist employers by reaching out to candidates equipped with the skills needed. Most graduates have certifications which enhance their value in the employment market.


As an employer, you may be interested in accepting an extern student at your place of employment. The externship enables the student to focus their training in a practical on-the-job setting. In exchange for some on-site supervision and evaluation, you will receive an extern who has completed their career training. Contact the Education Office to discuss your needs.

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