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Financial Aid

Staff and faculty will assist students in working out solutions to academic or personal problems and help with career services.


Finances are an important consideration when preparing for an education. Great Lakes Institute of Technology participates in several financial aid programs for eligible students. The Financial Aid Office assists students in completing all applications for aid, and each student’s financial arrangements are tailored to the program for which he or she has applied.

Great Lakes offers the following types of financial aid to students who qualify: Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG Grant, Federal Student Loans, Pennsylvania State Grant and Special Programs, Alternative Student Loans , Institutional Student Education Assistance Foundation (SEAF) Grant, Institutional Scholarships, and Veterans Education Benefits.

Additionally, the school offers institutional scholarships to qualified applicants.

For questions regarding financial aid for new students and enrolled students, please email


Senior Scholarship

The school offers Senior Scholarships to qualified high school graduates. Scholarship dollar amount will be equal to 25% of the cost of tuition for the student’s program. To apply for the scholarship, students complete the Scholarship Application, which can be obtained from your High School Guidance Counselor, or by calling our main office at 814-864-6666, or emailing Up to 24 scholarships will be awarded each fall to high school graduates from the previous spring. Scholarships will be distributed among the selected programs, awarding no more than 4 scholarship in each program. Scholarship recipients may use their award for programs that begin up to one year from the date of their high school graduation.

Great Lakes Scholarship Application

TONI&GUY Scholarship Application

Applicants must write an essay explaining why he or she should be awarded the scholarship. Recipients are chosen by the Scholarship Review Committee and are awarded based on the contents of the application.

Payment Plans

If you would like to sign up for an automatic payment plan to cover the cost of tuition or your existing balance, you may enroll here.

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