You’re interested in pursuing a new career path and think that a Massage Therapy career could be a good fit, but you aren’t quite sure. So, why should you become a Massage Therapist? Below are a number of reasons Massage Therapy professionals cite when asked what they like about their career choice. Read below and if you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line.

1. A Quick Way to Begin a New Career

Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist does require specialized education, but the good news is that programs are often short in length, usually less than a year. The program’s curriculum is very hands-on and directed to the profession, meaningless general education classes.

2. You’ll Be Helping Others with Massage Therapy

When some think about Massage Therapy, they think about those that offer relaxing Swedish massages in spas. While that certainly is a big part of the profession, they are many medical applications for massage as well. A therapist’s goal is to help others relieve stress, but also increase their mobility, and to relieve pain. Chiropractors need therapists for their clients who experience back pain and many therapists work in sports massage, helping athletes reduce pain and inflammation. If you like to help people and make a difference in their daily lives, becoming a massage therapist is a great profession to pursue.

3. Massage Therapists are Employed in a Variety of Work Environments

One of the best aspects of becoming a massage therapist is that they can work in a wide variety of settings and environments. Cruise ships, resorts, and casinos all employ massage therapists so there is plenty of opportunity for travel if adventure is what you’re after. Many spas and salons also employ trained massage therapists. If a healthcare setting is what interests you most, chiropractors make a great choice. Finally, many therapists are self-employed which allows them to travel to a client’s home or work out of a small studio the therapist rents.

4. Flexible Work Hours

Self-employment is popular with Massage Therapists, which can allow them to set their own hours. It’s up to you when you book appointments so if you have specific scheduling needs related to child care, for example, a career in massage therapy can offer the flexibility to work around these requirements.

5. Job Security

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment growth is supposed to grow by 22% from 2018 until 2022*, which is much faster than the average for all applications. That means that compared to other professions, massage therapy is projected to see a lot of growth. The reason for all that growth? Many medical professionals are looking to massage to treat pain, especially considering pain medication is proving to be addictive and can be dangerous.

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