What do Medical Assistants do?

First, just a quick explanation of what it is medical assistants do. Medical Assistants play a critical role in the administration of hospitals and offices, as well as in delivering clinical care to patients. Medical assistants are oftentimes the first folks you see when going to your doctor’s office, the person taking your blood pressure, and even the person drawing your blood when getting lab work done. They also assist in pulling and updating patient records and scheduling appointments. The Medical Assistant is one of the most versatile members of any healthcare setting.

Medical assisting is a great career path in healthcare. So, why should you become a medical assistant? We outline 5 reasons below.

1. You Can Enter the Workforce Fast

Becoming a Medical Assistant normally requires higher education of some kind, especially when seeking certifications, but the good news is that most programs are only a year-long or less. This is in stark contrast to many professions in the medical field which can often take years of education. Also spending less time in school means you spend more time in the field working and earning a wage.

2. Medical Assistants Have Great Job Prospects

If job security is something that is very important to you, then training to become a Medical Assistant might be the career path for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Medical Assistants is projected to grow by 23% from 2018 to 2028, which is much fast than the average for all occupations. BLS does state that you’re likely to have better job prospects after earning certifications, especially in Electronic Health Records.

3. A Variety of Work Environments

To many people finding the right “fit” is just as important when it comes to their job as their wage and benefits. Medical Assistants can be employed in a variety of environments. You’ll find Medical Assistants working in private practices, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and surgery centers. Finding the right environment for you should be relatively easy considering the number of different places a Medical Assistant can work.

4. Flexibility In Your Job

Medical Assistants handle a wide array of duties in clinical and administrative environments. That flexibility can be used to your advantage, allowing you to work in a position that you most enjoy. Enjoy working more directly with patients and delivering care? Maybe you prefer to work in the front office, greeting patients and working with patient records? Perhaps phlebotomy is your thing? The large number of tasks that a Medical Assistant can complete allows you to more directly tailor your career to your interests.

5. You Get to Help People

Medical Assistants get to work with patients at nearly every level. Whether you are first point of contact when patients arrive or you play a direct role in delivering care, you have multiple chances to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Often one of the greatest factors to patients receiving quality care is due to the treatment they received from the Medical Assistant.

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