In this Employer Spotlight we spoke with Dr. Dinesh Patel, owner and dentist at Summit Family Dentistry in Waterford, PA.

Can you please tell us a little bit about Summit Family Dentistry?

Summit Family Dentistry has been open for a little over two years. We currently have two dentists, myself and Dr. Halina Wilczanski (formerly of Lakeshore Family Dentistry). We practice general dentistry in a unique fashion. We feel that patient care is number one; therefore, we do not double book our patients, every appointment is individualized to meet our patients needs, and we strive to make our patients feel that they are part of the family.

Why do you like hiring Great Lakes Institute of Technology Dental Assistant graduates?

I am pleased with the Dental Assistants I have hired. Besides the doctors and our hygienist, every member of my staff is a Great Lakes Graduate! My staff must be well trained and ready to jump right in, Great Lakes graduates are exactly that! I have found that the students are professional, have beyond the basic skill set and are ready eager to work.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to a Dental Assistant student to help them be successful, what would it be?

If I could advise the students I would tell them to learn as much as you can, get as much experience in different offices as possible, never question your abilities (you were taught well!), don’t be afraid to ask questions, but NEVER tell a patient this is your first time doing this!

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