Each graduation, an Outstanding Student receives an award for exemplary performance during their education. Last week Tammy Hammer of the Health Information Technology program received the award for Great Lakes at our Winter 2018 graduation ceremony. Here is what Vickie Clements, Director of Education, said about her at the event.


Tammy is graduating tonight with a 98.6% gpa and a 98% attendance rate. Tammy is a non traditional student who enrolled in school after being laid off from GE. As a displaced worker, she had plenty to be disgruntled about, but always looked for the good in everything. Tammy gives 100% in everything she does and has such a positive attitude and energetic spirit.

She conquered many obstacles during her studies that not many people are aware of, but she never let anything keep her from her goal. She was a great role model for her peers and gave them inspiration to not give up on their education. Tammy passed her certification test and was hired even before her externship was finished.

Her instructor Miss Wilson says, “Tammy is just one of those angels that goes above and beyond to care for everyone. She is the type of person that this world needs more of.” Congratulations Tammy!