Saturday, Nov. 18 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

​Kinesiology Taping: The Cardinal Rules will explain what Kinesiology taping is and who came up with it. You will also learn why you would tape your clients, the benefits and contraindication of K-Taping. Who should receive this treatment and when to apply the tape, also how to explain to your client why they cannot not receive this service. You will learn the basic and most important rules of taping, including different types of tape, how to cut the tape, how to apply the kinesiology tape to your clients and how to market this service to your current client and new clientele.

* For this class students will need a set of sheets. Please wear comfortable clothing. This is an interactive class and you will be using the kinesiology tape to work on each other. Tape will be provided for the students to use during class.

8 CE, NCBTMB Approved


$249 per person (Tape will be provided for the students to use during class)

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